Welcome to the November portfolio update investors and financial freedom seekers!

How are you today? I hope you are as thrilled as I am while I write my November portfolio update.

It’s 1st December, and looking through the window right now I see a cloudy sky. But not like some clouds here and there, no. It’s proper cloudy. The sky is so grey that makes me wonder if there was ever a blue sky at all!

Well, winter is coming, so I guess it’s expected. You know what else is coming? Yeah, Christmas! That time of the year when you get to see your family and eat a lot (a lot a lot). Don’t forget to exercise during Christmas if you want to fit in your trousers in 2020 🙂

Let’s start talking about my November portfolio update, shall we?

November has been a great month for me financially speaking. The highlights of the month are:

  • Total portfolio return achieved an astonishing 27.5%!
  • My own selected stocks rose 5% in just one month
  • I am now 74.1% financially free (survival stage)
  • Savings rate hit 65%
  • Blog income multiplied by 5!

Great numbers, right? I wish all the months could be like November. Let’s go into details.

Portfolio Asset Allocation

Allocation of assets on my portfolio in November

We have a new winner!! My own shares are the biggest position of my portfolio, adding up to 36% of my portfolio.

I am obtaining really good results with them, and my intention is to increase their position size over the coming months.

They are closely followed by the the equity funds, which represent 33%. Then we have Estateguru with 13%. As you can see Estateguru is having a downtrend (in August it represented 21%), since I am trying to balance my Crowdlending portfolio within all the platforms I invest in, in order to keep my investments distributed more equally.

After Estateguru comes Crowdestor, with a 6%. This is remarkable since I only started investing in it 5 months ago. This is my favourite Crowdlending platform, so I am planning on increasing its size in the next few months.

Lastly we have the S&P500 Index Fund with 6%, and the remaining crowdlending platforms.

Below you can observe the evolution of my position on both stocks and crowdlending.

Evolution of my portfolio assets allocation till November 2019

The size of the stocks has started to increase, now that I have the pension funds under my control. Due to this, in the coming months my position on stocks will increase more and more 🙂

The Pension RevelationCompleted!

On my September portfolio update I told you about the pension revelation. Basically I found out I could transfer my pension pot to a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) and invest it in any equity fund/index fund/company I wanted.

Last month I told you it was taking me some time due to the paperwork, but finally on 5th of November I got it. Yei!!!

The first thing that I did was to invest a bit on Lindsell and Fundsmith equity funds, and on S&P500 index fund.

Due to it’s a big amount of money, my plan is to invest it along the coming 12 months, in order to reduce the risk of the market crashing right after I invest it all.

I am very happy now that I have my pension funds under my control, and I am glad to say that this section is now closed.

Don’t be sad, I will continue to update you on my pension status on the other sections 🙂

November Portfolio Return

Portfolio investments accumulated return during 2019, till November

November has been a remarkable month. My portfolio return achieved a 27.5% accumulated returns for 2019.

I mean, isn’t it great to obtain 27.5% return in just one year?

Monthly return of my investments portfolio during 2019, till November

This was, as usual, driven by the stocks, which grew 3.7% in November.

Crowdlending continued its way up, giving a solid 0.9%. I am hoping that this will increase in the coming months, since the new crowdlending platforms give higher returns and some loans are paid from the 7th month.

Stocks Portfolio ReturnNovember 2019

On my October portfolio update I said that I loved investing in stocks because they give high returns. Well, let’s say that I am falling in love a bit more each month 🙂

Accumulated return of my stocks portfolio during 2019

My stocks return on 2019 is up to 30.5%. More than 30% return in one year, can you believe it!!??

In November the growth was mainly driven by my UK/US shares, which grew 5%.

Let’s take a look at each investment product separately.

Index Fund S&P500

Evolution of the accumulated return of my S&P500 index fund

The S&P500 index surpassed the equity funds in October, and it’s my most profitable investment in 2019. I really like investing in index funds because they are one of the easiest and safest way of investing your money.

In November it increased 4.5%, reaching as a result an accumulated return of 28% in 2019.

If you want to learn more about index funds, please take a look at my beginner guide to invest in the stock market.

Equity Funds

My equity funds have been giving negative returns on the past few months, that’s why I am very happy to see them going back to growth.

Evolution of the accumulated return of my equity funds during 2019

In November they both grew, Fundsmith 3% and Lindsell 2%. Their accumulated returns during 2019 are 29% and 24%, which is a very good result.

So even after a few months of downtrend, they are still achieving remarkable results!

If you want to know more details about the equity/index funds I invest in, please go to My Portfolio.

My Own Shares Portfolio

This was a new section on my October portfolio update. The idea is to show you the performance of all the companies I have bought shares of.

We can see November was another great month for my own stocks, since they grew 5%. The overall performance of UK and US shares is very similar, which I believe shows that it’s not so important the country where the company is from. The importance lies on the company’s financial fundamentals.

Let’s take a look at each company separately:

NameCountryInitial PriceCurrent PriceDividend ContributionNovember ReturnTotal ReturnPosition Size
FergusonUK (£)50.6467.21.3%2.1%34.0%9.7%
PersimmonUK (£)20.4525.65.4%13.2%30.6%3.0%
BiogenUS ($)235299.80.0%0.0%27.6%16.9%
Bristol MyersUS ($)45.1157.01.1%-0.5%27.4%5.7%
Standard Life AbUK (£)2.613.172.8%4.4%24.3%2.9%
Bank of AmericaUS ($)28.5733.30.3%6.8%17.0%13.8%
Barratt DevelopmentsUK (£)5.836.662.5%5.5%16.7%8.5%
Wells FargoUS ($)48.0654.50.7%5.4%14.1%2.3%
CRHUK (£)26.2329.50.2%4.6%12.7%7.4%
Taylor WimpeyUK (£)1.691.748.6%5.3%11.5%2.6%
AshteadUK (£)21.623.51.1%0.0%9.9%7.0%
Legal & GeneralUK (£)2.622.810.5%6.4%7.7%10.1%
General MotorsUS ($)34.8336.01.4%3.0%4.8%1.9%
M&T BankUS ($)160.7164.50.5%5.2%2.8%3.9%
Suncor EnergyUS ($)31.6331.41.8%5.9%1.0%2.1%
Rio TintoUK (£)46.7942.22.6%4.8%-7.2%2.1%

We have 5 companies whose value has increased more than 24% in just 6 months.

The winners are Ferguson and Persimmon with returns over 30%!

If you compare with the table of my October portfolio update you can see Universal Insurance Company is not present anymore. That’s due to I sold it this month.

It was no longer fulfilling my criteria, so I decided to sell it and buy more shares of companies with better financial future. I got a 5% gain on the sell, so it was not such a bad investment after all 🙂

I would also like to highlight that, as you can see on the table, not all the shares have the same size. That’s due to my position is bigger on those companies that rank higher based on my criteria.

If you sort out by position size you will see that the shares with bigger position have better returns than the shares with smaller position. I believe this shows that my strategy works!

To invest in stocks I use the broker Degiro, which has the lowest fees I have found.

If you want to start making money with stocks, sign up with Degiro here!

Crowdlending Portfolio ReturnNovember 2019

Accumulated returns of the different crowdlending platforms where I invest

Crowdlending continues its steady growth, step by step. On my November portfolio update we can see how it has reached an accumulated return of 6%, horray!

Now let’s take a look at each crowdlending platform separately.


Estateguru is the best performer during 2019, since it has an accumulated return of 7%.

Evolution of the monthly return of Estateguru

It’s monthly performance is very stable, due to it has reached 0.8% for the 4th month in a row.

Estateguru offers a 0.5% signup bonus on all the investments that you make on your first 90 days, if you sign up using this link.

If you want to learn more, check out my Estateguru review.


Crowdestor is my favourite crowdlending platform. I have only been investing on it for 5 months, but I have totally fell for it.

It has new projects every month, its returns are astonishing (20%+) and the platform is very easy to use.

Evolution of the monthly return of the crowdlending platform Crowdestor

In November Crowdestor gave me 1.1% return, being the top platform of the month!

This result is even more promising when we take into account that the return should increase in the coming months, since several projects start to pay their interests on the 7th month.

Do you want to join Crowdestor?

Sign up here!


Envestio is another company that is doing a very good job. Their returns are amazing and they have new projects every month.

They also have the autoinvest feature, which makes investing on loans very easy. You just need to activate it and you don’t need to do anything else!

Evolution of the monthly return of crowdlending platform Envestio

Envestio was this month the 2nd top performer crowdlending platform, producing a nice 0.86% return.

If you want to give it a try, sing up here and get 5€ when you do your first deposit (100€ or more), plus you will get a 0.5% cashback on all your investments during your first 270 days. 

Don’t miss this opportunity!


Grupeer is a platform I started to invest in just 2 months ago, and I am happy with its performance.

I had read very good reviews about the platform, so I decided to give it a try. I’m glad to say that it is living up to the expectations.

Evolution of my monthly return on Grupeer crowdlending platform

On its 2nd month it already gave me a 0.8% return, good results so far!

The best thing about Grupeer is that all the loan originators offer Buyback of the loan in case of default. In summary, if the borrower doesn’t pay back the loan, after 60 days the loan originator will. This adds more security to the loan.


I have been investing in Crowdestate for a few months now, and its performance is okayish.

They used to have projects with returns up to 18%, but now all the new projects usually give 11%.

Evolution of the monthly return of crowdestate

My returns so far are stable, since it’s sitting on a monthly level of 0.5%


Bulkestate is convincing me more and more as the time goes by. If you remember, on previous posts I complained about their lack of new projects and their autoinvest feature.

Well, on the past two months they have released more projects, and I have been able to invest in them with the autoinvest feature. So it looks like finally I have gotten to a good position in the autoinvest queue, which allows me to invest in the new projects.

Evolution of my monthly return on Bulkestate

In November one loan was fully returned, 8 months early. That gave me my first interest payments on Bulkestate, ole!

You can see that now the graph finally has some movement 🙂

As you know in Bulkestate almost all the loans pay the interest when the loan ends. Therefore, we will have to wait till June 2020 to see the graph gain traction.

Financial Freedom Progress – November 2019

Finally we are in the financial freedom section, I was eager to show you my progress 🙂

Graph that show my progress on reaching my 1st Financial Freedom target, survival

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, November has been a great month, since I have reached the 74.1% level on my 1st Financial Freedom Target.

The 100% milestone is getting closer and closer, so I believe that I should be able to reach it by early 2021.

Therefore, I am progressing well on my financial freedom journey.

Do you want to know the 12 requirements you need to reach financial freedom? If so, take a look at the article.

Portfolio Value Growth – November 2019

On this section I explain you how much my net worth has increased during 2019.

The trend on the above graph is astonishing. My net worth is today 50% higher than on 1st January 2019.

The main reasons are saving a lot and obtaining great returns on my investments, 27.5% for now. Hopefully I will be able to increase it on December 🙂

Portfolio Currency Allocation – November 2019

Now I am going to show you the percentage of my portfolio invested on each currency. I live in UK, a country with a currency different to the one of my home country, so it’s important to know on which currency the money is invested.

As I mentioned on the October portfolio update, since the beginning of the year I have been trying to reduce my exposure to the pound.

Evolution of the currency allocation in my investment portfolio

On the graph above you can see how my efforts to reduce the £ size were paying off, but in November it increased a lot. Why did that happen?

This is due to the pension funds were sold and converted to £s, since this is a UK pension plan.

My plan is to invest this money over the coming months, so you should see it reducing again from December onwards.

Savings Rate

Savings in November have been very good, I managed to keep 65% of my income!

Savings Rate evolution during 2019

I think I will be able to reach my 60% annual saving target, we will find it out next month. Can you wait one month? I hope so! 🙂

Percentage of Portfolio Invested

My aim is to have 80-90% of my money invested, so it can work for me and generate returns, which will be reinvested again. Compound Interest is the most powerful force in the world, and I want to use it to become rich.

Evolution of the amount of my portfolio that is allocated to investments

This month I had a big reduction due to my former pension funds were sold, in order to be transferred to my SIPP account.

I am planning on investing this money along the coming months, in order to avoid the risk of the market crashing right after I invest a big chunk of money.

Therefore, I hope to be reaching my 80% target by the end of 2020.

November Blog Statistics

Finally, let’s check my blog stats:

  • Page Views: 852, down 25%
  • Twitter followers: 547, with 198 new followers
  • Email subscribers: 33, with 4 new subscribers
  • Blog income multiplied by 5

One of the great news of the month is that my blog income multiplied by 5. This was due to some friends are starting to use my links to register in platforms.

My twitter followers continue to increase at a pace of roughly 200 per month, which is great news, since this is helping me to let more people know about my blog.

Unfortunately, Facebook ban is still active on my blog. After 3 months they have done nothing about it, so I am beginning to think they will never unblock me.

Fair enough, I have other ways of expanding and reaching new users 🙂

If you want to know more about this, you can take a look at the facebook case on my September portfolio update.

Blog Revolution Ongoing

My pageviews decreased 25%. I only published two articles in November, compared to the three posts I released in October. This is due to I am working on a complete change of the structure and content of my blog.

This is huge time-consuming task, and consequently I don’t have time to write any new post. I will carry on working on it through December, and I hope to have it ready by my December portfolio update.

Aren’t you curious what this change is going to be about? Wait one more month, and it will be here. Santa might bring it on 25th December, who knows? Magic things happen on Christmas 🙂

Please note that in order to be able to compare all my investments, I have converted all of them to euros. This means that currency fluctuation (like the £ sinking due to Brexit uncertainty) impacts the returns.

Previous Portfolio Updates

If you want to take a look at my previous portfolio updates, you can find them here:

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Tony · 1 December, 2019 at 22:13

Man I couldn’t stop laughing when you mentioned the cloudy sky hahaha. It does really feel that we’ll never see a blue sky again, we’ll have to travel to Spain to do so! 🙂

Great job on the update as usual and congrats on your returns, good stuff.

Looking forward to seeing what changes your are cooking.

Keep up the good work 😉

    Gonzalon@Tofinancialfreedom.co · 2 December, 2019 at 07:39

    haha, I am glad it made you laugh!

    Happy to see that you liked the portfolio update, November has been a great month. Hopefully December will be even better, to close a wonderful financial year 🙂

    Let’s see if the blog change is ready by the end of December, I certainly hope so!

    Nice to see u around Tony 🙂

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