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If you are looking to change your career path, a job in the finance sector could be your calling. However, breaking into finance doesn’t always mean performing tasks that involve any form of mathematical skills. You can still work in the sector while holding a tech portfolio. There are several tech trends that are making waves in all industries, including finance.

Therefore, we recommend getting familiarized with these trends as they will likely bring about many job opportunities. The good news is that there are so many resources available that you are no longer required to go through the conventional route of getting a college degree.

Some of them can be learned via online courses or bootcamps within approximately six months. Let’s delve deeper into some of the top tech trends in today’s finance industry and how you can master them.

Big Data

Big data is the term used to refer to great amounts of data generated by users on the internet or any other platform. Data can come in two forms; structured (personal details and addresses) and unstructured (user’s preference and liking). Companies across sectors—including finance—are constantly looking for ways to manage, store, protect, maintain, and analyze these data.

It shows the quotations of a Stock Market Exchange

It’s important to note that without the right skillsets, all the data gathered would remain mere data. Companies need relevant software and algorithms to understand these data and make business decisions accordingly.

In the finance sector, big data analytics is applied to get real-time stock market insights, fraud detection, risk analysis, speeding up manual processes, and analyze control growth. 

To become a big data analyst, you can take the course offered by KeepCoding. The school offers ten-month part-time online bootcamps in mobile development, web development, big data, and machine learning. It also provides several financing options to ease your burden. For instance, you can pay your tuition with upfront payment or loan financing. 


Blockchain was created to disrupt the financial industry, and you could say it succeeded. Not only cryptocurrencies have changed the way people make transactions all over the world, but blockchain technology has also changed how the industry works.

Blockchain is decentralized, transparent, and immutable technology. Transactions in blockchain platforms are constantly stored and updated in many computers or nodes of networks. 

One of the main benefits of blockchain is that eliminates the need for a third party when doing transactions. Plus, the development of smart contracts—contracts that execute itself when certain conditions are met—has changed how people do businesses. Some of the benefits of blockchain technology include minimum errors, increased efficiency, improvements in customer experience, and a reduction in capital consumption. 

You can become a blockchain developer with Byte Academy’s courses. It offers three courses: blockchain foundation, blockchain full-time, and blockchain part-time.

The courses fall under the school’s core full stack software development curriculum, which also teaches Python and JavaScript, among others. The comprehensive syllabus is intended to groom students so they are able to develop blockchain web applications by the time they graduate. Byte Academy also offers the possibility of upfront payments or loan financing to pay tuition. 

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is part of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which is dedicated to developing software and algorithms that allow machines to learn by repetition. Generally, developers in this area design a model with data that describe some kind of event and the various potential outcomes. A computer then can go through all these and memorize them. After that, it will be able to predict what the outcome of a new input could be based on the previous outcomes it already knows. 

In the finance sector, machine learning is a very useful skill. It can be applied for algorithm trading to make important decisions in seconds, portfolio management where algorithms are used to manage a client’s investment portfolio, improve customer service with chatbots, and improve fraud detection features which can save the industry millions of dollars. 

You can learn the fundamentals at Springboard. It offers courses in fields like data science, UX design, data analytics, machine learning, and even software engineering. You’ll build and deploy large-scale AI systems, with guidance from your mentor who is an experienced machine learning engineer currently working in the industry.

On top of a job guarantee, Springboard also offers financing options like deferred tuition, upfront payments, month-to-month installments, and loan financing.

In Conclusion

The finance industry is one of the biggest in the world. It is also a great platform for you to demonstrate your tech skills and ensure you’ll never lose out on job opportunities as the global society continues to embrace tech advancements. In less than six months, you’d have the relevant knowledge to become a big data analyst, blockchain developer, or machine learning specialist.

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