After recent events, I believe Grupeer is not safe. Actually, it could be a fraud.

Please read the “Is Grupeer a scam?” section to learn more about this topic.

I have left the post as it was before, with a few minor updates.

Today I’m going to tell you everything about Grupeer, a peer to peer lending platform where I’ve been investing for over 6 months.

The main advantages of Grupeer are high returns for investors, buyback guarantee, and its autoinvest tool.

This has made Grupeer an important actor of my peer to peer portfolio.

If you’re not sure what peer to peer lending is (also known as p2p lending), take a look at my guide to invest in p2p lending.

Below you can jump to the section that interests you the most, but I recommend you to read it through so you can get the full idea.

What is Grupeer?

Grupeer is a p2p platform that offers attractive opportunities for investors.

Its business model is based on connecting companies that need financing to develop their projects and investors looking to invest their money to obtain returns.

Grupeer is not only a real estate crowdfunding platform, its loans go from real estate business to business loans, including also development projects and a few personal loans.

Grupeer is not the loan originator, but allows loan originators to publish their loans on their website, so that investors can invest in them.

There are currently 21 loan originators in Grupeer, being finsputnik platforma the one with more loans.

Grupeer was founded in Ireland in 2017, so it’s 3 years old.

On its website you can see that there are more than 23,000 investors operating on Grupeer platform, with a total of 65 million euros invested in loans.

It doesn’t have the volume of loans from other p2p platforms like Mintos, but it doesn’t fall short 🙂

The average return obtained by investors is 13.2%.

For more details, take a look at Grupeer on wiki web.

Advantages and disadvantages of Grupeer


The main advantages of investing in Grupeer are:

  • Good returns: the projects usually offer 12-13%
  • There are always projects available to invest
  • Buyback guarantee on all loans
  • Short-term loans: typically 9 to 15 months
  • The platform is very easy to use
  • Interest paid on time: no delays
  • High growth: number of loans and investors is increasing
  • Minimum investment required is 10 euros

One of the best advantages of Grupeer is the large amount of loans it offers you. In the 5 months I have been investing in this platform, there have always been loans available to invest.

At the time of writing there are more than 300 active loans.

Another great advantage is that all loan originators offer buyback guarantee, which adds more security to your investment. I will go over the buyback guarantee in a bit.

The main disadvantages of Grupeer are the following:

  • Company without a long track record
  • No secondary market
  • There is hardly any information about the borrower, the company/person receiving the loan

When you invest in peer to peer lending it is normal for companies to have a short track record, since it is a business model that started a few years ago.

Most companies have been operating only for 2-3 years.

Does Grupeer have autoinvest?

Grupeer has a very powerful auto invest tool, adapted to all the requirements you may have.

Autoinvest is a tool that allows the investor to avoid the manual work of having to invest in loans one by one.

With autoinvest you can select the settings of the loans you would like to invest in, activate it and sit comfortably on the sofa.

Autoinvest will automatically invest in loans that meet the conditions you have selected without you having to do anything.

Now I’m going to show you my auto invest settings.

As you can see above, Grupeer allows you to select the type of loan, country, loan originator, interest rate, duration, maximum amount to invest per loan and much more.

My autoinvest strategy is to select high-interest loans (12.5% or more), and invest 100 euros in each loan, to diversify my investments.

Grupeer’s autoinvest tool is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Is there a secondary market?


The secondary market is a feature available on several p2p lending platforms. This tool allows investors to sell their loans to other investors.

This generates liquidity, since an investor can sell its loan when he needs the money he has invested.

Another benefit is that the loans available increase. If there were no active loans, the investor could go to the secondary market to invest in other investor loans.

There is no secondary market in Grupeer.

In this case there is no problem of no-loan available, since there are always loans available to invest.

But there could be a liquidity problem for the investor, in case you want to get your money back ahead of time.

Therefore it is important to keep in mind that when you invest in a loan you will not be able to recover the money until the term ends.

What are the risks of investing in Grupeer?

Whenever you invest money you risk losing some of your capital. Peer to peer investments are no exception, so it’s important to know the risks to reduce them.

When you invest money in a loan there is a risk of not getting it back.

This risk is due to the borrower might not be able to return the money to you.

One way to reduce this risk is investing in secured loans.

In the event that the borrower does not return the money, the collateral will be sold in order to pay the investors.

At Grupeer all loans are secured loans. This reduces the risk of the investment.

The value of the security must always exceed the value of the loan. The ratio between the value of the loan and the value of the security is known as Loan to Value, and should not exceed 75%.

Does Grupeer have Buyback?

One way to further reduce the risk is to invest in loans with buyback.

If a loan is covered by the buyback guarantee it means that if the borrower does not pay the debt, the loan originator will refund the money to the investors, and negotiate with the borrower to recover the money.

All loans offered on Grupeer are covered by Buyback.

If the borrower payment is 60 days late, the buyback guarantee will be executed. The loan originator will refund the money to investors, including interest.

Grupeer 60 days buyback guarantee offers more security to investors.

How to start investing in Grupeer

Opening an account in Grupeer is very simple. I explain it step by step:

  1. Sign up with this link
  2. Input your address and email
  3. Put the bank account you want to use to transfer and withdraw money
  4. Upload your passport/identity card
  5. Wait 24-48 hours for the team to review your details
  6. Make a bank transfer and start investing from 10 euros

It is important to note that all Grupeer loans are in euros.

All active loans are displayed on the “loan deals” page.

The platform gives you the possibility to apply multiple filters, such as interest rate and term. So you can invest only in loans that fit your requirements.

If you select a loan, you can see more information about the loan and borrower.

You can even see the payment schedule, and if it’s being met.

On the picture above we can see how the borrower has already made the first payment of the loan.

The next payment is on 28/01, if we want to start earning money we just have to click on “Invest” 🙂

Now you know how easy is to invest in Grupeer.

Is Grupeer safe?


As we have mentioned before, when you make an investment there is always risk.

The important thing is to be aware of the risks, and work to reduce them. You want to make sure your money is as safest as possible.

That’s why I apply a checklist to the peer to peer platforms I invest on:

  1. The company is on the company’s official register in the country where it is based
  2. I’ve withdrawn without problems.
  3. I have not found any mention of scam on internet (paying special attention to the opinions on Trustpilot)
  4. Annual reports are coherent
  5. Support team responds to user’s queries
  6. There is information on each project about the borrower
  7. At least one borrower has confirmed that it has a loan with Grupeer
  8. The company attended the 2019 P2P Conference in Riga and/or belongs to the ECN (European Crowdfunding Network)

As for Grupeer, the only pending check is to confirm with a company they have a loan with Grupeer. I am working on it and I will let you know once I learn more about it.

Because Grupeer has passed my checks, I think it’s safe to invest in this p2p platform.

After recent events, I believe Grupeer is not safe. Actually, it could be a fraud. Please read on to learn more about it.

Is Grupeer a scam?

In the last days there have been some developments that are keeping the p2p community breathless:

  • It looks like no investor has received withdrawals performed after 18/03
  • Grupeer announced on 31st March that all payments to investors are suspended
  • It looks like some loan originators with loans offered on Grupeer website stated they had no loan with Grupeer, which would point to fake loans & loans originators

As you can see, situation is very concerning. It is all very recent, so we need to wait to see how everything unfolds.

I hope we will hear some good news soon, but it is looking very unlikely…

How are Grupeer reviews?

After reading a lot about Grupeer, all the reviews I have found are positive. If you look “Grupeer scam” up, you will not find any concerning results.

I have spoken to other Grupeer investors, and they are all happy with this p2p platform.

Other bloggers who specialise in peer to peer lending have also given me positive feedback.

I can therefore conclude that the opinions on Grupeer are good.

My results after 5 months investing


In the graph above you can see that returns have been high since nearly the first month.

Last month I obtained a 1% return, and I expect to achieve 12% annual return on this platform.

I am very happy with my results in Grupeer, that is why I am increasing its size within my p2p investment portfolio.

I look forward to seeing Grupeer’s results in 2020, I think they’ll be even better 🙂

Is there a welcome bonus in Grupeer?

Unfortunately Grupeer does not offer welcome bonus, but it does offer many cashback loans.

When you invest in cashback loans Grupeer pays you a bonus. This bonus usually varies from 0.5% to 1% of the amount invested.

If you take advantage of cashback loans, you can get higher returns!

Do you want to start making money by investing in Grupeer?

Sign up on the banner above or on this link.

Lastly, I would like to talk about Grupeer referral campaign. If you invite a friend to the platform through your Grupeer affiliate link, you can earn up to 1.25% on all the investments your friend makes during the first 6 months.

I hope you liked my Grupeer review.

If you want to know more about other peer to peer platforms to invest in, check out the following articles of my blog:


This analysis is based entirely on my personal opinion on the platform and my experience.

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