Bulkestate is a great investment platform where you can invest in high yield loans and obtain amazing returns.

I have been investing in Bulkestate for 7 months and I am very happy with its performance, easy-to-use platform and steady flow of new projects.

Bulkestate is one of the main P2P lending platforms I invest in.

This has made Bulkestate one of my main P2P lending platforms.

If you want to learn more about what P2P lending is, take a look at my guide to invest in p2p lending.

Below you can jump to the section that interests you the most, but I recommend you to read it through so you can get the full idea.

What is Bulkestate?

Bulkestate is a real estate crowdfunding platform that allows you to invest in loans and properties.

It was founded in Estonia in 2016. Its business is mainly based on connecting project developers who need financing and investors who want to obtain high returns with its money.

Bulkestate is a mix of a p2p lending platform and a real estate crowdfunding platform. You can invest in loans offered in its platform, and you can also buy a whole apartment with a 20-40% discount on its group buying section.

That’s why it’s not purely a peer to peer lending platform, nor a real estate crowdfunding. So far I have only invested in loans, since it suits better my investing profile.

The loans are always for real estate projects developments. And the average annual return obtained by Bulkestate investors is 13%.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bulkestate

On this section I cover the advantages and disadvantages of investing in Bulkestate

Below you can see the main advantages of investing in Bulkestate:

  • Good returns: the projects usually offer 12-14% annual reeturn
  • Short average loan term: typically 9 – 12 months
  • Loans are secured with a real estate mortgage
  • Bulkestate platform is very easy to use
  • Interest paid on time: so far I had no delays
  • It’s growing: number of loans and investors is increasing
  • Minimum investment required in loans is 50 euros
  • Group-Buying: you can buy full apartments with a 20-40% discount

One of the best advantages of Bulkestate is the two real estate investment choices it offers you. If you have a small amount of money, you can invest in its loans from 50 euros and earn 12-14%.

If you have a big sum, you can buy a full apartment with up to 40% discount. This is a huge benefit for the buyer!

The main disadvantages of Bulkestate are:

  • Loans don’t have buyback guarantee
  • No secondary market
  • The flow of new projects is slow

For me the biggest disadvantage is that there are not that many new projects. Whenever a new loan appears, it’s filled quickly, so you need to activate auto invest if you want to increase your chances of investing in new loans.

Bulkestate does not have the volume of loans of other big p2p platforms like Mintos, but if you are patient you will be able to invest in it.

Does Bulkestate have auto invest?

Bulkestate has an auto invest tool that allows you to sit back and relax while the tool invests your money 🙂

Auto invest is a tool common in the p2p lending platforms, that allows the investor to invest in loans without having to do the manual work of investing in one by one.

Once you configure auto invest settings, auto invest tool will invest in the loans that match your criteria.

Bulkestate allows you to invest in loans without having to do any manual work

Bulkestate auto invest tool is simple. You just need to select the maximum amount of money to invest in each loan, the minimum return and the maximum term.

It’s important to highlight that Bulkestate prioritises the investors who activated auto invest earlier. This means that a loan might get filled before you have the opportunity to invest, since other users who activated it before you filled the loan.

That’s why it’s important to activate auto invest as soon as possible, so you can start to rise in the priority queue of Bulkestate.

You should avoid modifying auto invest settings, unless it’s really necessary, since that will send you to the end of the queue.

I was a bit concerned since I was not able to invest in the first 2/3 new loans due to I had just activated auto invest, but after a couple of weeks I started to see it was working.

So my advice is for you to set it up with the configuration you want as soon as possible, and don’t touch it 🙂

Is there a secondary market?

It's important to know the type of peer to peer lending loan we are investing in

The secondary market is a feature that allows investors to sell their loans to other investors.

As a result, this has two main benefits:

  • High liquidity: investors can get their money back when they need it
  • More investment opportunities: investors have more loans available to invest

Unfortunately Bulkestate does not have a secondary market. This means that if you invest in a loan, you need to wait till the end of the loan to get your money back.

This also mean less investment opportunities, which is why it’s so important to activate auto invest if you want to invest in new loans.

What are the risks of investing in Bulkestate?

Whenever you invest your money, you are assuming the risk of losing part or all your capital. Peer to peer lending is no exception, so it’s important to take that into account.

When you invest your capital in a loan there is a risk of not getting it back.

In peer to peer lending, you have the risk of the borrower not paying you back. You can reduce this risk by investing in secured loans.

Peer to peer lending loans should always be backed by a collateral

If the borrower does not pay back the money, the collateral will be sold, and investors will be paid.

All loans in Bulkestate are secured loans. This adds more safety to the investment.

The value of the collateral (also known as security) must always exceed the value of the loan. The ratio between the value of the loan and the value of the collateral is known as Loan to Value, and should not exceed 75%.

Does Bulkestate have Buyback?

Buyback is a feature that is offered by several p2p platforms.

If the borrower does not pay the loan, the loan originator will pay back the investor and deal with the borrower to recover the money. This reduces the risk of the investment.

Unfortunately Bulkestate does not offer buyback. But they emphasise that each loan goes through a rigorous and consistent process by the investment committee, in order to reduce the risk of default.

What is Group Buying?

Group buying is a feature that I have only seen in Bulkestate. It allows the investors to buy one full apartment with a discount of 20-40%.

A group-buying deal happens occurs when an owner of a building wants to sell the all the apartments of the building at once. Bulkestate then publishes the offer on the “Group Buying section”, highlighting the discount applied.

I have seen apartments with up to 50% discount, that’s a huge offer!

For the deal to be successful all the apartments need to be bought. To be honest I have not used the group buying section since I am not interested in buying an apartment in Riga, but maybe you will 🙂

How to start investing in Bulkestate

Opening an account in Bulkestate is very easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Sign up through this link
  2. Enter your physical address and email
  3. Enter your bank account, which will be used to deposit and withdraw money
  4. Upload your ID or passport
  5. Wait patiently for Bulkestate to review your details
  6. Transfer your funds through bank transfer and start investing

It’s important to highlight that all loans in Bulkestate are in euros.

Once you have money on your account, you can click on Invest in order to see the active loans.

When you click on invest you will see the recent loans in Bulkestate

Usually all the loans are successfully funded, as you can see on the picture above. That’s why it’s very important to activate auto invest if you want to invest in new loans.

If a loan is open for investment (or if you have already invested on it), you can find lots of information for the loan.

Bulkestate gives you details about the loan, such as the loan target and the object.

Bulkestate will give you detailed information about how the money is going to be used by the borrower, how the borrower is aiming to make the profits, and the security of the loan.

It will also tell you the repayment schedule. In Bulkestate they usually pay the interest and principal at the end of the loan.

You can get a good idea of the loan and the borrower by reading all the above details.

Is Bulkestate safe?

When you invest there is always a risk of not getting your money back, and Bulkestate is no exception.

In any investment you make, there is always a risk of not getting your money back, and Bulkestate is no exception.

The importance lies in knowing the risks and working to reduce them.

That’s why I apply a check list to all the p2p platforms I invest on:

  1. The company appears on the company’s official register in the country where it is based
  2. I have been able to withdraw money without any issue
  3. I have not found a mention of scam on any website (paying special attention to the Trustpilot reviews)
  4. Financial annual reports make sense
  5. The p2p platform has a support team that replies to user queries coherently
  6. There is information on each project about the borrower
  7. At least one borrower has personally confirmed me that it has a loan with the platform
  8. The company attended the 2019 P2P Conference in Riga and/or belongs to the ECN (European Crowdfunding Network)

Regarding Bulkestate, it passed all the checks except point 8. There is no contact details about the borrower on Bulkestate website. When I asked Bulkestate support team, they told me they were not allowed to disclose borrower contact information.

Since Bulkestate has passed 7 out of 8 checks I believe it is a good platform to invest in it.

However, after recent fraud cases on Kuetzal and Envestio, I believe it’s important to diversify and not put all your investments on p2p lending, neither on only one p2p platform.

As I mentioned on my last portfolio update, there is no financial regulation on the peer to peer lending market. European Union is working on that, and they expect to release the new regulation by 2021.

When that happens, investments on p2p platforms under this regulation will be covered against any fraud case. This will add more safety to peer to peer lending.

How are Bulkestate reviews?

After reading lots of content about Bulkestate, I am glad to tell you that I have only found positive comments. If you look up “Bulkestate scam” you will not find any result related to a potential fraud.

I have also talked to other Bulkestate investors, and they are happy witih this p2p platform too.

Also, other bloggers who invest in p2p platforms and investigate them deeply game me positive feedback.

As a result I can tell you that all Bulkestate reviews are good.

My results after 7 months investing

Graph that shows the monthly return obtained in Bulkestate

The graph above shows you the monthly return I have obtained in Bulkestate.

I know the values are quite low. That’s due to majority of loans in Bulkestate only pay interest at the end of the loan.

The 1.8% return I achieved on February was because a loan was repaid earlier. In the future we will see the graph rise, since the loans will start to end and pay all the interest in one go.

Is there a welcome bonus in Bulkestate?

Unfortunately Bulkestate does not offer any welcome bonus to new investors.

However, I believe the 14% return you can get on some loans, and the 40% discount on many apartments, are certainly a bonus 🙂

Do you want to start making money by investing in Bulkestate?

Sign up on the banner above or on this link!

If you want to carry on learning about other peer to peer platforms to invest in, check out the following articles of my blog:


This analysis is based entirely on my personal opinion on the platform and my experience.

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