Hi, I am Gonzalo Candela

I teach thousands of people each month how to invest in stocks and handle money properly, improving its financial education through my blog.

Who am I?

Este soy yo

My name is Gonzalo Candela, I’m 34 years old and I work as telecommunications engineer. I have always been interested in finances and investments. A few years ago I realised that the stock market is the best way to make your money work for you.

In August 2019 I decided to create this blog to share my knowledge and help people use their money in a better way. Today more than 5.000 people learn every day how to invest in stocks, save and improve their personal finances.

In my blog I publish every week an article where I explain how any person can be the master of its financial fate and earn money investing. Make your money work for you and create a better future is easy nowadays, everyone can grasp it.

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A little story about me

Ever since I can remember I have been interested in accumulating and not so much in spending. Actually, my family always tells the following story. I was a kid and the summer holiday was coming to an end.

My grandma would always buy us a big bag of jelly beans for the six-hour drive back home. My brother and sister always finished their bag during the trip. I used to eat some of them and leave more than half of the bag for «the future».

As you might be guessing, the jelly beans would expire in a couple of days forcing me to throw them away. Not the smartest strategy to take on jelly beans but it can help you to get an idea about the way my brain worked when I was just a kid.

How I can help you

Through my blog I offer you for free all the necessary knowledge to start improving your financial health now. A good economic health starts by having the right knowledge about money and investing.

Furthermore, if you need a personalised service, I can mentor you, resolving your doubts and explaining step by step how you can start on the investing world with the right foot.

Contact me

Get in contact with me sending me an email to gonzalo@tofinancialfreedom.co or filling in the below form to:

  • Resolve your queries about investing and finances. I should note that I am not a financial advisor, all my content is based on my opinion and my experience.
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