Welcome to the first analysis of my investment portfolio in 2020. The truth is that 2020 hasn’t started as well as I expected.

P2p platforms Kuetzal and Envestio have ceased operations overnight, leaving investors completely desolated.

Both platforms seem to be a complete fraud.

First it was Kuetzal, who in the first week of January stopped processing investors withdrawals. This happened after several bloggers published their research on the platform where there were many things that did not fit.

Then came Envestio, which on 21st January shut down its website without warning and left more than 15000 investors in shock.

Unfortunately I was an investor on both platforms, although luckily in Kuetzal I had a very small amount.

Legal actions have been initiated against both companies, which are being coordinated from the Telegram groups “KuetzalDiscussion” and “EnvestioDiscussion”.

If you are one of the affected investors, I recommend that you join the legal processes through these groups.

In short, a phrase that describes this situation very well is

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn

In this case, it’s my turn to learn. Reflecting on what I could have done better, I realised that I relaxed on my security checks on peer to peer lending platforms.

The fact that there was hardly any information from the borrowers and I couldn’t contact them should have stopped me.

Another alarming sign was that the platform offered the repurchase of the loans under any circumstances without specifying how they were going to cover this cost.

Fortunately no one on my blog had registered with Envestio through my links. The downside is that three friends of mine invested in the platform following my recommendations.

It’s sad to realize that you’ve recommended a product that has ended up being a scam.

I believe I have learned the lesson and I’m going to use it from now on wards. It’s a painful lesson, yes, but very valuable.

Now let’s go to see the main results of this month:

  • I have saved 90% of my income
  • I am 78.3% financially free (survival phase)
  • Total portfolio return has dropped by 0.9%
  • My blog revenue has grown 80%

I am very happy with my results in January.

Portfolio asset allocation

Chart showing the distribution of assets in my portfolio

The stocks chosen by me continue to be the most important position, reaching 44% of my investments.

Then we have the mutual funds that represent 31%.

They’re followed by Estateguru with 10%. I have been reducing my investment in Estateguru for a while with the idea of balancing my peer to peer lending portfolio.

Next in the list is the S&P500 index fund with a size of 7%.

Finally we have the remaining peer to peer platforms, headed by Crowdestor which is in my opinion the best p2p platform.

Following the recent developments in Kuetzal and Envestio, I have decided to reduce my investments in peer to peer lending. The fact that p2p platforms are not regulated by financial institutions means that there are no guarantee funds to cover the investor in case of fraud.

These regulations and guarantees do exist on the stock market, so I consider that the risk of investing in stocks is smaller.

As a result, I’m going to increase my investments in stocks and reduce them in peer to peer lending.

Evolution of asset allocation in my portfolio in January 2020

We can observe it on the graph above, where peer to peer lending is having less and less weight in my portfolio.

It is important to note that the European Union is preparing regulation for p2p lending by 2021. Once this regulation becomes effective, I will increase my investments in peer to peer lending, since p2p lending will be safer.

Portfolio return in January 2020

Evolution of my portfolio returns in January 2020

The return on my investments is being very good. The ascension seems to have no end.

In 2019 I got 30% total return, let’s see if in 2020 we can repeat it 🙂

Graph that shows the evolution of the monthly return of my portfolio

As we can see on the monthly chart, my stock portfolio has dropped slightly in January, specifically 0.9%.

Peer to peer lending has stabilised around 1% return per month, and I expect it to stay there.

Stocks portfolio return in January 2020

Graph with the returns achieved on my stocks portfolio

The return achieved on my stocks portfolio has fallen in January by 0.9%, leaving the accumulated return at 32%.

Despite this small drop, I still think investing in stocks is the best way to get good returns.

Let’s look at each investment product in detail.

S&P500 index fund

Picture of the accumulated returns in my S&P500 index fund.

The S&P500 continues its outstanding performance, going up month after month. It wasn’t enough to climb 29.4% in 2019, so this month it has gone even further.

In January it achieved a return of 0.6%, achieving a cumulative return of 30% since January 2019.

If you want to know more about index funds, check out my beginner’s guide to invest in the stock market.

Mutual funds

Here I show you the returns of my mutual funds portfolio.

Mutual funds have returned to the growth path, as it can be observed on the chart above.

They achieved positive results for three months in a row, reaching a return of 1.7% in January.

This growth has been driven by the Fundsmith fund, which has increased 3% this month. Long live Mr. Terry Smith!

Its cumulative return since January 2019 is 33%, not bad at all 🙂

If you want to know more details about the mutual funds I invest in, go to My Portfolio.

My own shares portfolio

In this section I show you the returns of the companies selected by me.

Evolution of the accumulated return in my own shares portfolio

The image above shows the incredible results I’m getting. In just 8 months my shares have obtained a return of 24%!

At this rate I would achieve a 36% annual return. Obviously I will not be able to maintain this growth rate every year, but I am working to get the maximum possible profitability.

UK shares are shining, reaching 31% in January. As we can see, my US stocks have dropped this month.

Let’s understand it better by seeing how each company has performed:

[table id=15 /]

There are 5 companies that have grown more than 35% in the last 8 months. Persimmon, Bristol Myers, Ferguson, Barratt and Taylor & Wimpey are the ones with the best returns so far.

This month I started investing in a new company, JP Morgan Chase. In the last year its profits have grown 19%, and they expect to continue growing in the future. I hope so too!

I use the broker Degiro to invest in stocks, since it has the lowest fees I have found.

If you want to start making money with stocks, sign up with DEGIRO on the banner above or with the link here!

You can learn more about this broker with my DEGIRO super guide.

Peer to peer lending portfolio return – January 2020

The graph shows you the accumulated return of my p2p portfolio.

P2p accumulated return continues to rise. It has already reached 8.3% returns since January 2019.

Crowdestor has become the p2p platform with the highest accumulated return.

Let’s look at each platform separately.


Graph that shows the monthly return of my Crowdestor portfolio.

My investments in Crowdestor started in June 2019, and the results couldn’t be better.

This month Crowdestor achieved a 3.7% return!

Many projects start paying interest starting in the seventh month, and consequently my returns have increased highly in January 2020.

This has made Crowdestor the most profitable P2P platform. It has a cumulative yield of 9% in just 7 months!

Do you want to start making money with Crowdestor?

Sign up on the banner above or on the link here!

If you want to know more about Crowdestor, check out my post about this p2p platform.


Graph that shows the monthly return in Estateguru p2p platform.

Estateguru is the first platform where I started to invest, and as a result it’s the second platform that has the highest accumulated return. In January it has reached 8%.

As we can see on the graph above its performance is very steady, and in the last two months it has achieved a 1.1% monthly return.

Estateguru offers you a 0.5% bonus on all investments you make in your first 90 days, if you register using this link.

If you want to learn more about Estateguru, check out my Estateguru review.


Graph that shows the evolution of the monthly return of my portfolio in Grupeer.

Grupeer is the latest p2p platform I’ve started investing on. And for now I’m very happy with the results.

In the last few months I have achieved nearly 1% return per month.

One of the main advantages of Grupeer is that all loan originators offer the buyback of the loan in case of default. In short, if the borrower does not repay the loan, after 60 days the loan originator will do so. This adds more safety to the loan.

If you want to learn more about this platform, take a look at my Grupeer analysis.


I’ve been investing in Bulkestate for 7 months, and I’m very happy.

At first it wasn’t easy for me to invest because there weren’t many new projects, and its autoinvest tool prioritises older users who activated it earlier.

But after a couple of months passed I started to be able to invest without problems.

Evolution of the Bulkestate monthly return

At Bulkestate, most loans pay interest at the end of the loan. That’s why the graph above shows such low performance. We’ll have to wait until June 2020 to see profitability go up.

Financial freedom progress – January 2020

Here I show you my progress in achieving the first goal of financial freedom, which is survival.

Here I show you my progress towards my first goal of financial freedom, which is survival.

This month I have reached 78.3%.

Obviously Envestio has had a negative impact on the value of my portfolio. But I am glad to see that I have still managed to progress and be closer to the financial freedom.

Portfolio value growth in January 2020

Picture with the growth of my portfolio since January 2019

My portfolio is now worth 58.7% more than in January 2019.

In January it has increased 2%. Hopefully I will be able to keep this trend in 2020 🙂

To learn more about my stock market investment strategy, read on my guide to invest in the stock market.

Savings rate

Graph with the savings rate since January 2019

As you can see January has been a great month for savings. I have managed to achieve a 90% savings rate!

I think it’s an incredible number. If I could save so much every month, I would be drinking mojitos in the beach very soon!

Unfortunately I won’t be able to save that much every month. In January I had an extra income that greatly increased my overall earnings.

Since my expenses have remained the same, having a higher income has enabled me to save much more.

That’s the key to growing your net worth, saving and investing. If you want to learn more about investing, start here.

Blog statistics – January 2020

The main highlights of the blog in January 2020 are:

  • Page views: 2385, 63% more than in December
  • Twitter followers: 1220 (380 new followers)
  • Blog subscribers: 58 (19 new subscribers)
  • Blog revenue increased by 80%

The best news is that the traffic of the blog has grown again 63%. Ole!!

This month I have published many new posts, and as a result the traffic has increased.

My two Twitter accounts (the English and the Spanish) have also contributed, since I have gained 380 new followers.

Thank you all so much for continuing to visit my blog, this gives me the strength to keep working on publishing new content 🙂

Please bear in mind that investing involves risk of loss.

Previous portfolio analysis

If you want to see more analysis of my portfolio, check out the previous months here:

Any queries or doubts you have, feel free to use the comments section below. I’ll be happy to answer you.

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